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   Product Showcase

FyTek, Inc. offers a wide range of products for the creation and manipulation of PDF files. All products are self-contained and require no additional software or licensing from Adobe.

Build PDF files dynamically from information stored in a file or database or from data collected on a web page. Encrypt, optimize or manipulate existing PDFs. Use as part of a distributed application or in a web site.

See the complete product list below. You may also write to us at sales@fytek.com and a knowledgeable member of our team will be more than happy to help you decide which product is best suited for your needs.

Product Links Description
PDF Suite Documentation

Four products at one low monthly subscription price. You get PDF Report Writer, PDF Meld, PDF Forms, and Text2PDF - for any available operating system. This is the full server version suitable for a web or batch environment. Or, subscribe to any of these products individually.
PDF Report Writer Documentation

Create PDF Reports using an HTML-like syntax. Use TABLE and TEXT tags to insert text and images. Built-in features include charts, font embedding, encryption, layers and background PDFs. Recommended use is for creating reports where you want the program to determine the best fit for text and page breaks.
PDF Report Writer Lite Documentation

Priced lower yet contains many of the base features of PDF Report Writer. Create PDF Reports using an HTML-like syntax. Use TABLE and TEXT tags to insert text and images. Does not contain extras such as charting and encryption. Recommended use is for creating reports where you want the program to determine the best fit for text and page breaks but without the extras of PDF Report Writer.
PDF Charts Documentation

Create charts along with text blocks. Include headers and footers on each page. Many different chart formats are available in 2D and 3D. Provide the chart data in XML format to keep the layout and data separate. Recommend use is for creating charts and graphs in PDF format.
PDF Forms Documentation

Overlay text on a background jpeg image or an existing PDF page. Use text as-is from your mainframe or legacy system. Built-in encryption/password protection. Recommended use is for creating PDFs from text formatted for dot-matrix print. This can include invoices, statements or any document you want available on the web or for archive purposes.
PDF Image Stream Documentation

Convert an image or whole directory of images to PDF. Size the page to the image or scale the image to fit the page. You may use the unregistered demo for converting jpegs - other image types will show a watermark. Recommended use is for converting a group of images to PDF.
PDF Meld Documentation

Combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF. Pull a list of pages from an existing PDF. Overlay pages from one PDF onto a second PDF. Resize, rotate or move the position of page contents of a single PDF. Add bookmarks and annotations. Make minor touch-up text and image changes. Optimize and/or encrypt.
PDF Briefcase Documentation

Embed any file type into a PDF. Place Word/Excel files, movies, music, pictures, or other PDFs into a PDF stored in their original format. Extract them later one at a time or all at once. Apply encryption and optionally a password to the PDF so the entire group of files is protected. The attachments are shown as an icon along with a text description you provide. Email just the PDF to send all the files to someone (similar to a zip file).
Text2PDF Documentation

A program for converting plain text to PDF. You may register this program to remove the watermark that appears when certain features are used. Recommended use is for creating PDFs from plain text files.
FileLoc Documentation

Add encryption, password protection and compression to any file. Recommended use is for adding a layer of security to your documents and allowing faster download times over the web.
PDF File Save Documentation

A program for saving PDFs with fillable data in FDF for PDF format. This program is free to use for individual or business use.
UPC Barcodes Documentation

A free set of TrueType fonts for displaying UPC barcodes. Designed to work with Report Writer via the BARCODE tag in the product. May also be used with any other programs that use TrueType fonts.

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